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We have something for every garden loving Dad and Grandad… Here’s our Father’s Day Gift Guide

Everyone has memories of their dad or grandad spending time in their garden, whether it’s growing vegetables, working away in their shed or taking pride in their plants and perfectly maintained lawn. 

That’s why a garden related gift makes so much sense for fathers day, when their garden is in full bloom in June and the gift can be enjoyed all summer long.

We believe we have the perfect range of award-winning garden gifts for Dads and Grandads alike from our range of Potty feet, Tool Garlands, Pot Buddies, Feeder Friends and Cane Companions.

Potty Feet – Plant Pot Feet

We offer a wide range of Potty Feet, in fact we have over 100 designs, including dog breeds, British wildlife, different animals and even dragons. They make the perfect gift for any gardener and can even be used in the home for house plants, fruit bowls and a variety of other household objects.

They aren’t just highly detailed and decorative, they are also highly functional as they lift any plant or planter off of the floor, which helps oxygenate the roots of the plant, aid drainage so the plant does not become waterlogged and as such improve the plants overall health, meaning it can flourish. Out Potty Feet also help prevent insects climbing up the plant and also prevent unsightly water marks on the patio or decking.

Labrador Potty Feet Plant Pot Feet
Sitting Labrador Potty Feet

Decorative Handmade Tool Garlands

How can you make a shed or garden wall more decorative? Give dad a handmade gift that he can hang with pride. We have a range of handmade Tool Garlands that are ideal for hanging around an outdoor space or garden or hung in a shed, workshop or garage.

The six designs feature either different tools (Wheelbarrow set, Watering can set or Garage Tools set) or different weathering effects (Rust, Verdi Gras, White Wash), the tool garlands are made using sustainable wood and recycled metals and come in recycled packaging ready to be gifted to the best dad or grandad in the world!

Garage Tool Decorative garden gift
Garage Tool Garland

Pot Buddies

Encourage dad to get decorative in his garden with one of our wide range of Pot Buddies, the different designs are intended to hang off of pots and other items to add decoration. They’re great for hanging off computer screens!

The range of Pot Buddy’s make an ideal gift for gardening loving Dads, and will add a little pizzazz and fun to Dad or Grandad’s pots or as a hanging ornament elsewhere in their home. Each Pot Buddy is beautifully gift packaged using 100% recycled kraft card materials. 

Maybe Dad loves Game of Thrones… If so we have our Dragon Pot Feet or is he more of a Jurassic Park fan? The our T-Rex and Velociraptor Pot Buddies are the perfect combo!

If Dad loves wildlife, we have hedgehogs, tortoises and rabbits… If he has pet snakes, then why not give him our Boa Pot Buddy! With a bit of creativity we really do have something for everyone!

Dragon Pot Buddy garden ornament
Dragon Pot Buddy

All of our products are made from sustainable and recycled materials where possible and come in gift boxes made from recycled materials, so make the perfect gift.

So show your dad or grandad you care this year with a thoughtful gift from us here at Jardinopia.


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