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8 Essential February Garden Tasks

February is a great time to start preparing your garden for the upcoming growing season. While it may still be cold and wintry, there are several garden tasks you can do in February to help ensure a bountiful and beautiful garden in the months ahead. Here are eight essential garden tasks to do in February in the UK.

What you’ll need for February tasks:

  • Shears and Seceteurs 
  • Spade and garden fork
  • Compost 
  • Pestcides 
  • Seeds for tomatoes, peppers, and aubergines
  • Indoor growing space and seed trays
  • Trees or shrubs you want to plant
  • Bird feeders and feed

Prune trees and shrubs

Take advantage of the dormant season to prune deciduous trees and shrubs. This will promote healthy growth and shape the plant for the coming season.

Cut back perennials

Cut back perennials that have died back to the ground, leaving room for new growth in the spring. This will also help prevent the spread of diseases and pests.

Prepare soil

If the ground is not frozen, it’s a good time to prepare the soil for planting. This includes digging over the soil, removing any weeds, and adding compost or other organic matter to improve soil fertility.

Check for pests and diseases

Take a close look at plants and trees for any signs of pests or diseases, and take appropriate action. You can also apply a winter wash to fruit trees to kill overwintering pests.

Start seedlings indoors

Some seeds can be started indoors in February, such as tomatoes, peppers, and aubergines. This will give them a head start for planting outside in the spring.

Plant trees and shrubs

Bare root trees and shrubs can be planted in February, as long as the ground is not frozen. This is a cost-effective way to add new plants to your garden.

Clean and maintain tools

Take this opportunity to clean and maintain your gardening tools, such as shears, spades, and hoes. This will ensure that they are in good working order for the coming season.

Feed birds

Winter can be tough for birds, so provide them with food and water to help them survive until spring. You can put up bird feeders and bird baths in your garden.

In conclusion, February is a great time to start preparing your garden for the upcoming growing season. By doing these essential garden tasks in February in the UK, you’ll be well-prepared for the coming season of growth and bloom. So, take advantage of the dormant season to prune trees and shrubs, cut back perennials, prepare soil, check for pests and diseases, start seedlings indoors, plant trees and shrubs, clean and maintain tools, and feed birds to ensure a successful garden season.

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