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Tips on Gardening with Children: A Guide to Gardening Tools and Wear for Kids

Gardening is a fun and educational activity that children can enjoy with their parents. It not only allows kids to connect with nature but also helps them learn about the environment and how plants grow.

Choose Age-Appropriate Gardening Tools

When gardening with children, it’s iDisney Mickey Mouse Garden Trowelmportant to choose age-appropriate gardening tools to ensure their safety. Our range of Children’s Garden Tools is perfect for kids aged 3 and up. The range includes trowels, hand forks, transplanters and hand rakes, all made of durable materials and designed with small hands in mind. The bright colours and cute designs will also keep children engaged and excited to use them and they feature designs that include Disney’s Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, 101 Dalmatians and from Beatrix Potter a beautiful Peter Rabbit & Friends design. Align with our newest products from Laura Ashley and Emma Lawrence’s Little Nature Explorers.

Teach Kids to Wear Garden Wear

Children's Beatrix Potter Garden Apron LS1Gardening can be messy, and children are likely to get dirty, which is all part of the fun, but it’s also important to teach them to wear garden wear to protect their clothes. Our range of children’s garden wear features Garden Aprons and Garden Gloves for Kids which are perfect for keeping children’s clothes clean and their hands protected. The aprons have front pockets to hold gardening tools and bits and bobs like twine, plant labels or maybe even some sweets, while the gloves are made of soft cotton and have cute designs that kids will love.

Make Gardening Fun

Gardening with children can be a great way to spend quality time together. Make it fun by involving them in the planning process and letting them choose what to plant. Our Children’s Garden Kneelers are perfect for kids to sit on while planting or weeding. This cute Peter Rabbit design can also keep them entertained as they identify the different characters from Beatrix Potter they can find!

Teach Kids Gardening Techniques

Teaching kids gardening techniques will not only help them grow plants successfully but also develop their gardening skills. Show them how to plant seeds, water plants, and weed. There are so many great plants and vegetables for kids to plant and care for as they grow… Sunflowers always capture children’s fascination because they grow so high and anything they can pick and eat they also love, so tomatoes and strawberries are also a favourite!

Planting wildflowers to benefit wildlife is also really popular and kids love helping animals, as such growing wildflowers and then seeing bees buzzing around them all through summer not only teaches them about pollination and plant growth but also about helping wildlife. Our Seed Ball Tins are great for this! 

Encourage Outdoor Play

Gardening is a great way to get kids outside 

TRex Garden decor Pot Buddy

and away from screens. Encourage them to play outside and explore nature. Our children’s Gardening Tools are perfect for outdoor play and our Pot Buddies are great for hiding around the garden and encouraging the kids to find them all! You could have Winnie the Pooh hiding in the greenhouse and the T-Rex hiding in the strawberries! 

Gardening with children can be a fun and educational activity. By choosing age-appropriate gardening tools, teaching kids to wear garden wear, making gardening fun, teaching them gardening techniques, and encouraging outdoor play, you can make gardening a memorable experience for kids that they will treasure and remember for years to come and hopefully want to replicate with their children one day.


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