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Shaun the Sheep Plant Pot Feet – Shaun With Wheelbarrow, Shaun & Timmy, Shaun Having A Picnic



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  • Frost proof
  • UVA protected to minimise fading
  • Support any weight of pot or planter
  • Indoor and outdoor use all year around
  • 100% recycled gift packaged Set of 3
  • Award-winning


Our award-winning Shaun the Sheep Potty Feet have been custom designed and manufactured by Jardinopia Ltd, working in conjunction with the world famous Oscar winning Aardman Studios, and are made from a unique formula of crushed stone and durable poly resin, making them frost proof and UVA resistant – so they can be safely used outside or indoors throughout the year! They are handmade and hand-painted using lead-free products, so each one is unique and colours may vary very slightly between production runs. Shaun The Sheep in a set of 3 (with Timmy) so that your plant pot stands evenly balanced on any surface – whether in your home or outside, and displayed beautifully on your decking or patio.


The Shaun the Sheep Potty Feet can adjust to suit any width of pot, and our Potty Feet can take any weight of pot or planter!! Our Potty Feet are designed to fit most shapes of pot, although we cannot guarantee that they will fit every design. Please see photos of the type of pots we suggest work best with this design.


Each set of 3 Potty Feet come beautifully packaged using 100% recycled  materials in our own custom designed and branded gift boxes, making this an ideal and unique gift for loved ones and friends. They are also safely encased within a foam protection layer (also 100% recycled), making breakages in transit highly unlikely. The packaging can be onward recycled once discarded.


WEIGHT (packaged set of 3): 0.87kg

DIMENSIONS (single pot feet): H11 x W9 x D11cm


  • Indoor or outside use all year around
  • Frost-proof and UVA protected
  • Official Licensed Beatrix Potter product
  • Recycled (and onward recyclable) gift packaging
  • Handmade & hand-painted
  • Will take any weight of pot or planter
  • Improve air circulation for healthy root growth
  • Prevent water-logging
  • Reduce frost damage to your pots by improving drainage
  • Prevent unsightly decking or patio rings
  • Prevent staining to your carpet, wooden or tiled floor
  • Deter unwanted pests from setting up camp under your pots

Additional information

Weight 1018 g
Dimensions Length 9 cm x Width 11 cm x Height 11 cm





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