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Munja And Reclaimed Fabric Eco Hanging Bee Home

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Our Fairtrade eco munja and sari fabric bee home has been fashioned in India using reclaimed sari fabric from factory offcuts that has been gathered and washed, and then artfully crafted together with sustainably sourced munja and bamboo furniture offcuts – making these bee homes a unique and environmentally friendly home for your garden bees. Each is supported by a strong metal frame and is designed to last outside in all weather. The entrance hole diameters have been selected to suit indigenous British bees, whilst helping to keep larger predator like hornets out. Each bee home is unique and whilst the shape and size will be consistent, sari fabric colours will vary from the photos. Munja is a tough Asiatic grass (saccharum munja) whose tenacious culms are used for ropes, twine, and baskets, with great natural water repellent abilities – just like reed thatching used for roofing in the UK. It is sustainably sourced from across India. Please use the photos as a guide only. Dimensions: 19x11x23

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Dimensions Length 19 cm x Width 11 cm x Height 23 cm


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