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Laura Ashley Gardening Gauntlets, Kneeler & Apron Gift Set


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Timeless Design: This Luxurious garden wear gift set features a timeless Elderwood design by Laura Ashley, adding an elegant touch to your outdoor living space. The half apron, kneeler and garden gauntlets are all fashioned with beautiful floral patterns that will never go out of style.
Exceptional Comfort: Enjoy hours of gardening without strain or discomfort thanks to this gift sets high-quality luxurious materials. The kneeler is crafted from thick PU foam, giving you ultimate protection and comfort when tending to your plants. All items are made from lightweight sustainable waxed cotton, as such theyre durable and stain resistant.
Protective Wear: Keep your clothes clean and free from dirt and water with this stylish set of protective wear. The half apron is designed to protect you from mud splashes while the kneeler provides valuable insulation against cold, wet ground. The gauntlets protect your hands and forearms from thorns and scratches.
Ease of Use: With padded straps, adjustable buckles and elasticised wristbands, this range has been designed for convenience as well as comfort. The half apron also features plenty of pockets for storing all your essential tools.
Gift Ready Packaging: Surprise a loved one this season with the perfect present: the Luxurious Laura Ashley Garden Wear Gift Set! This special product includes all three pieces of garden wear packed in an attractive gift box, making it great for birthdays and special occasions alike.


Laura Ashley adult gardening gift set in Elderwood print comprising of an apron, kneeler and gauntlets, all made from luxury 100% cotton. Made from sustainably sourced cotton (and PE). The Laura Ashley gardening apron is designed to protect to protect your clothes and thighs and carry around any gardening equipment like twine and marker labels that you may need our contemporary looking Laura Ashley apron which comes with adjustable straps, is perfect for any gardener.

The thick cotton material has been waxed to protect the product from staining and the elements, and our stylish apron can of course also be used in the kitchen.

Our beautiful kneeler also comes in a sturdy thick cotton so you enjoy years of comfort working in your garden.

Finally, our stylish and contemporary gardening gauntlets are designed to fit an average adult, come in one size, and will protect your hands and arms from those nasty thorns whilst gardening. The wrist strap can be tightened to suit, and the thick cotton material has been waxed to protect the product from staining and the elements.

All 3 products are beautifully presented in a gift box.

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Weight 798 g
Dimensions Length 43 cm x Width 27.5 cm x Height 9 cm


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