October 1st 2020 – What Lies Ahead?

The team at Jardinopia pride themselves on their fleet of foot and their ability to adapt to and interpret the changing demands and customer appetites that are now the ‘new norm’ for the global retail industry. Even before Covid 19 showed its ugly head, agility was key to success in a rapidly changing retail landscape. However, never before has the industry faced such challenges regarding the supply of goods, permanent retail shop closures, unexpected local lockdowns and the requisite temporary closures of retail premises, delays in delivery of goods by 3rd party partners and the ongoing roller coaster of customer supply and demand – all at once, and over a very condensed time period.

Agility, Flexibility and Diversity MUST be the watchwords for every company in our industry today, if they are to survive the ‘slings and arrows’ of the next 6 months or so, and thereafter continue to thrive and prosper in 2021 and beyond, when, hopefully Covid 19 starts to recede.

As we enter Quarter 4, never has it been more self-evident that multiple sales channels to market are a pre-requisite for growth. Those organisations in our industry that relied on single routes to market or single category sales – whether through catalogues, bricks and mortar, consumer fairs and shows or online – have had to very quickly shift their emphasis to ‘remote selling’ in order to survive. Those (and I count very large retail chains with decades of experience in this list) that have failed to adapt this year, are no more! And, whilst with the benefit of hindsight, an omni-sales approach seems the obvious choice for those new to or entering the retail sector, it is also self-evident that given the unknown of ‘what lies ahead’ a multi-channel approach is the ONLY way to truly prosper as we move towards 2021.

As such, we have invested heavily in our new consumer website this year – we truly hope you like it – and decided to make it much easier for our Wholesale customers to work with us, by implementing our Wholesale Website. This is a huge leap forward for us in automating the user experience, and saving both buyer and seller a great deal of time, money and energy filling out spreadsheets and writing emails. We are very open to recommendations for further enhancements and developments, so do let us know what you think.

What Jardinopia really missed most in 2020 was the direct access to consumer feedback that we cherished through attendance at events such as RHS Chelsea Flower Show and BBC Gardeners World Live. It was the lifeblood of our product development strategy in 2018 & 2019 and we listened intently to what our customers wanted to see and how they wanted to see it. We cannot wait to re-engage face to face with our customers next year and have already committed ourselves to 8 Garden and Flower Shows. In the interim, please do let us know about any ideas or feedback you wish to share regarding product enhancements or ideas by sending it to us at Info@Jardinopia.com or via FaceBook, Twitter or Instagram. We hope to hear from you soon!

That just leaves Catalogue Sales…………………

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