Harry Smith Donation

Jardinopia are honoured to be able to support Harry Smith this month in his quest to walk 26 miles
in 26 days. For 12-year-old Harry, who has now achieved his goal, this is an extraordinary
achievement, as he has suffers with cerebral palsy.
Harry decided to commit himself to this incredible challenge earlier this year, to raise much needed
funds for Lymphoma Action and the NHS. His mother Mel was struck with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in
2007, and in Harry’s own words ‘..I want to give back to a charity that helps people like my amazing
mum. I also wanted to give to the NHS for the wonderful work they have done to fight covid. It will be
a big challenge for me as I get tired quite easily and can find walking painful after a while. But I am
determined to walk the distance each day’.
Harry was true to his word! He finished his marathon on March 27th with a smile on his face! He is a
total hero and an inspiration for us all during these difficult times. If you feel as we did, that Harry’s
incredible act of selflessness and awe inspiring will-power is something you too would like to
recognise, please feel free to contribute to his Go Fund Me page – https://gofund.me/299e6b96,
where you can chose to split your donation across the two causes, as you wish.
Harry – you walk amongst the giants my friend!

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