About Potty Feet ™


Our Potty Feet are made from a unique formula of crushed stone and poly-resin, making them frost proof and able to support extremes of temperature. They can therefore be left outside all year around and are hand-painted using a lead free UV light resistant product, meaning they will not fade or flake in the sun. They are ideal for adding a unique finishing touch to your pots – inside or outdoors at any time of year, and can support any weight of pot.

  • Frost proof
  • UVA protected to minimise fading
  • Support any weight of pot or planter
  • Indoor and outdoor use all year around
  • 100% recycled gift packaged Set of 3
  • Award-winning

So why give your pots a ‘little lift’?

Our Potty Feet will help to:

  • Improve air circulation for healthy root growth
  • Prevent water-logging
  • Reduce frost damage to your pots by improving drainage
  • Prevent unsightly decking or patio rings
  • Prevent staining to your carpet, wooden or tiled floor
  • Deter unwanted pests from setting up camp under your pots

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