About Feeder Friends ™


Our recently launched Feeder Friends are made from a unique crushed stone and poly-resin formula, making them frost proof and therefore suitable for indoor and outdoors use all year around. They are handmade and hand-painted using a lead-free UVA light resistant product, and are ideal for adding a unique finishing touch and a little bit of glamour to your pot or planter, whenever and wherever it needs a feed.

  • Award-winning
  • Decorative and functional
  • Frost proof and UVA resistant
  • Indoor and outdoor use all year around
  • Suitable for most pot or planter sizes
  • Will fit most replacement plant food bottles
  • 100% recycled gift packaging

All of our Feeder Friends come in single gift packages made from 100% recycled kraft card, accompanied by a general plant food feeder bottle. The feeder bottle comes in a globally available size and can be widely purchased in most garden centres, hardware shops or online. We also sell our own replacement feeder bottles in replenishment sets of 3 – also beautifully gift packaged. The bottles fit all designs of Feeder Friends. They make the perfect gift for loved ones and friends.

So why use Feeder Friends?

Our Feeder Friends will help to:

  • Disguise ugly plastic feeder bottles in your lovely pots. The feeder bottle is cleverly hidden inside the Feeder Friend!
  • Aid the sustained growth of foliage and blooms, whilst supporting healthy root development.
  • Allow your plants to thrive by getting regular feeds in a very simple and efficient way over a two week period.
  • A great holiday feed solution if you are going away for 2 weeks and do not want to neglect your plants!
  • Make a beautiful pot ornament in their own right, and a talking point for your friends and family.

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